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  • Share your knowledge and experience with the next generation via our high-quality mentoring platform.
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Featured Mentors

Digital Transformation Advisor at IESC
Senior IT Project Manager with almost 10 years’ experience in management of IT Department Infrastructure.
Nam Hoang
Director of Information Technology
Master's program in Data Analytics
Master's program in Data Analytics at Southern Methodist University. Graduated in Finance from Texas Christian University.
Vu Dam
Data Analytics
Women in Tech - Cyber Security
Her strongest strengths include analytical skills and the ability to communicate and convey ideas.
Cindy Nguyen
Cyber Security Management
Career Planning - Data Science - Work Life Balance
Her guidance and mentoring areas include career and life planning, short-term.
Hoa Du
Analytical Lead
Digital Marketing and Website Design
I think that information technology and the internet are effective tools to bring human knowledge and scientific advances closer to everyone.
Mentor Công Duy
Cong Duy
Digital Marketing Specialist
Non-profit sector - Academia
If you’re someone starting out in the non-profit sector or in academia, I'd be glad to connect with you.
Bea Loh
Grant Writer
Developing Strategies and Work Processes
He has a unique blend of expertise in operational leadership, project management, and customer success.
Andrew Chou
Project Management
Software Engineer and Client Management
Being project leads to many global clients in the past decade has granted him an impressive career path.
Long Nguyen
Technology Lead & Software Engineer
Technology Consultancy - Wok Life Balance
Michael believes the internet and IT has democratized the access of information for all people.
Michael Gallant
Technology Lead & CRM Software Designer


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