Be a Mentor

Mentors act as role models throughout the mentorship process.  During this 3-month program, at one hour per month, your involvement will be crucial to the growth and development of both your mentee and yourself.

  • Share your knowledge and experience with the next generation via our high-quality mentoring platform. 
  • Get free access to approved mentor-only training on leadership, communication, and personal brand.
  • Increase the visibility of your personal brand in the business community.
  • Access a free listing of your coaching package.
  • Your involvement with eMentorHub means giving back to the community.

Why become a mentor with eMentorHub?

Benefits for Mentor

Be the change

Have you met someone who shared with you great lessons and changed your life? Want to connect to a community of high-potential young leaders? Want to help a novice shape their future career? Here at eMentorHub, we provide a cutting-edge platform that brings together mentees and mentors in a valuable mentoring process that can be fruitful for each stakeholder’s long-term career.

Adaptive leadership practice

While mentoring others, practicing leadership skills without authority and position requires constantly assessing and changing ones’ approach to problem-solving.

Give a hand

Signing up as a mentor is the first step to pass on your priceless intelligence to the next generation of young Vietnamese dreamers. Mentoring is not only a career option, it is always considered a social contribution. Sharing your years of expertise and experience with inexperienced mentees can be a meaningful commitment in every way. Together with eMentorHub, your active participation opens endless opportunities for ambitious and dedicated youngsters.

Emotional Intelligence development

Working 1-on-1 with a mentee sharpens listening and responding with empathy, which is vital to your own career advancement.

Reverse mentoring

Mutual learning allows both participants to develop invaluable skills that will help during the mentoring cycle and beyond.

Paint the future

Accept this opportunity to become a mentor at eMentorHub where you become an important part of the change in your mentees' promising careers. Many of our mentees are looking for matching mentors to guide them through the rough road to success.

Personal career opportunities

eMentorHub assists our mentors to advertise their own coaching/training courses (if there are any) totally free of charge on our website, where they are able to reach our crowded group of mentees.

Gain the rewards

Mentoring others is highly satisfying. It brings true joy to make a difference in someone else’s life.
At eMentorHub, we ensure both Mentees and Mentors can make the most from the mentoring process: mutually sharing knowledge, upgrading substantial skills, expanding your professional network, and growing your future career together.

Exclusive mentor access to training materials

You are not alone. It takes a village to mentor anyone. eMentorHub will equip you with important tools, processes, and guidance on how to be a successful mentor.

Network building

Extending professional networks has mutual tangible benefits for both mentors and mentees. Making friends with other mentors and mentees who also share the same interests and goals is also fruitful for your personal life.

Application Mentoring Process

Below are the detailed steps you can expect if you are interested in becoming one of our mentors at eMentorHub.  Our service is totally free.


Choose to sign up and then choose “Be a mentor” on our website.


Tell us about you, the great things you have done in life and your career, your resume, your motivation to join us, and your objectives for this journey through our application form.


We will review the application and the eligibility of potential mentors.


A short personal interview with eMentorHub will be conducted to review qualified mentors.


We’ll inform you of your match results so you can start mentoring. If there is no match at first, we will inform you when a match is achieved.


You will be invited to our mentor-only onboarding program to help hone your mentoring skills.


You will have access to our mentoring dashboard to track your mentor profile.


You’ll have a communication channel on our mentoring board to start learning about your mentees, schedule a meeting with him or her, and complete the mentoring program.


Finish your first mentoring session, review your objectives, and tell us how you feel.

Featured Mentors

Hoa Du
Analytical Lead and Product Manager
Her guidance and mentoring areas include career and life planning, short-term alignment of priority and action plan, communication, leadership, women empowerment, and work-life balance.

On the technical side, Hoa is passionate about process improvement, decision science, and business planning and analysis, in eCommerce, Operation and Supply Chain as well as Digital Marketing for Omni-Channel.

She can inspire anyone to discuss proficiency in using innovative tools and technologies such as Big Data, ML/AI, Agile method, and qualitative/quantitative analysis toward customer-centric results.

Hoa has been a seasonal mentored to many young professionals in the past decade.
Cindy Nguyen
Cyber Security Management
Cindy has extensive experience in assessing cybersecurity culture and climate in organizations. She has been working in the cybersecurity team for two of the top financial institutions in Canada as well as various cybersecurity strategy and governance projects.

Her strongest strengths include analytical skills and the ability to communicate and convey ideas to business executives, but also to cybersecurity teams. She's good at identifying technical skills to help grow her expertise and support others in developing theirs.

Cindy is passionate about empowering females in cybersecurity tech to broaden its horizons and to generate new and creative ideas to protect people and data in a comprehensive approach.
Mentor Vu Dam
Vu Dam
Master's program in Data Analytics
[ In-residence Mentor ] Vu Dam completed a Master's program in Data Analytics at Southern Methodist University. Graduated in Finance from Texas Christian University.

He is proficient in data analysis and data visualization skills, proficient in SQL, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, Alteryx, Excel, R, Google Analytics. Certified in data visualization and ETL tools like Alteryx, Tableau, and Power BI.

He is working as a Data Analyst at one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam.

“I am a person who is interested in new experiences, loves to find challenges for myself, loves to read novels about war, and especially loves the feeling of sharing my experiences with others”.
Mentor Hoang Phuong Nam
Nam Hoang
Digital Transformation Advisor
[ In-residence Mentor ] Digital Transformation Advisor at IESC - International Excutive Service Corps.

Senior IT Project Manager with almost 10 years’ experience in management of IT Department Infrastructure, customer relationships, project issues, risks and project change requests to ensure successful and on-time project delivery. Contribute to process improvement initiatives as it relates to improving project delivery.

“Besides my expertise, the skill that I have cultivated most in more than ten years of working is listening and imparting. I expect a Mentee who is eager to grow, has a desire to develop in the right direction, understands their aspirations, and has a good cooperative attitude”.
Mentor Công Duy
Cong Duy
Digital Marketing and Website Design
Duy holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and has nearly 10 years of working experience in the field of Digital Marketing and Website Design. His strength is the ability to objectively analyze and come up with overall online marketing strategies for many types of businesses.

Duy wishes to bring his knowledge and experience to serve as a bridge between mentors and mentees at eMentorHub.

He also likes to participate in volunteer movements to help the community, especially the disadvantaged. He believes that with the will to overcome difficulties young Vietnamese people will lead the country to develop. He does think that information technology and the internet are effective tools to bring human knowledge and scientific advances closer to everyone.
Andrew Chou
Project Management Professional
Andrew is a seasoned professional with 10+ experience in working in Asia, Africa, and North America. He has a unique blend of expertise in operational leadership, project management, and customer success, which helps him create win-win solutions for clients and manage global accounts.

Having worked in a diversity of positions in health care, regulatory compliance, NGOs, government, and Fortune 500s, Andrew is willing to share his unique perspective of understanding client vision and challenges while meeting strategic objectives for both internal and external stakeholders. His focus in mentorship will be on developing strategies and work processes, understanding cross-cultural dynamics, and how internal team success translates to customer success.
Long Nguyen
Technology Lead & Software Engineer
Long believes technology should serve as a tool that allows people to acquire the knowledge and information they need to take their future into their own hands. Long has a high level of expertise and an excellent background in IT and management.

Working in the software industry for over 7 years for global clients on many projects has granted him an impressive career path and a variety of technical skillset. He has been mentoring his junior colleagues for many years and willing to help plan a successful software engineer career path as well as career transition.

His technical background and his outstanding ability to connect will help his mentees to drive the success of their technology career.
Michael Gallant
Technology Lead & CRM Software Designer
Michael believes the internet and IT has democratized the access of information for all people around the world and the real power of the internet relies on the community.

With over 10 years as a software developer, Michael has been developing and managing ERP and CRM software projects for a wide variety of clients in different industries in Canada. Michael is passionate about bringing customers to the next level on their digital transformation, always looking for the best solution to optimize the client's use of their systems.

He is willing to chat with his mentees on how they can be successful in technology consultancy while staying mentally healthy.

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

Lou Holtz